Check valvesRotary check valves

A check valve is one of the most important types of pipe fittings that performs a protective function and cuts off the movement of the working medium in the opposite direction of the main flow.

Media cleaning filtersFilters for cleaning liquids

Water filters are designed for cleaning media, as well as tap water from unwanted impurities and are the most important type of pipe fittings.

Installation and commissioningPost-warranty service

We perform post-warranty and commissioning work at facilities related to the transportation and processing of petroleum products. We run, configure parameters, and provide training during the delivery of equipment.

Metalworking up to 3200 mm.Turning and milling

We carry out orders for the manufacture of metal structures, parts and components of pipelines. The company’s capabilities allow us to process parts with a diameter of up to 3200 mm. and a length of 2600 mm.