Answers to questions

We have posted a list of relevant questions and answers to them. If your question does not coincide with the topics listed below, please ask your question in the feedback box, also in the chat or write to your email.

We participate in auctions and tenders. We will be glad to cooperate on the closure of needs and complex deliveries. For purchases, a needs page (board) will soon appear on the site, but in the meantime, you can unsubscribe to the supply department. tel. below.

Supplied: Product — 1 pc., packaging-1 pc., product passport-1 pc., operating instructions-1 pc.
Spare parts and spare parts under the contract.

Transportation and storage. Please take into account the warranty period from 1 to 3 years.
Average valve data:
Service life, not less than (years) — 25-30.
Full service life (cycles) — 2500-3000.
Time to failure of cycles, not less than — 800-1050.
Warranty cycle life — 5000-1200.

Financial issues are resolved with the commercial department. Write to the mail.

Check valves

The tightness of the check valves must comply with class «A». Customers mainly order fittings of class » A » for the metal-to-metal gate.

Safety valves

Tightness class «B», test medium air 0.30 DN mm3/s, 0.018 DN cm3 / min, water 0.01 DN mm3/s, 0.0006 DN cm3 /min, valves with a different tightness class are possible.

Other fittings

All regulations are based on the document that is valid in the country of the buyer of the Standards of tightness of gates» developed by CJSC «NPF «TSKBA» and introduced by the order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology .


Delivery times depend on the availability of the product in stock, as well as on the order of standard and» sub-assembly » construction lengths of rebar. Mainly delivered within 7 days of standard items and 14-21 days of large sizes.


We work with all transport companies and ship to the customer’s warehouse upon request or agreement. We also have a transport department for delivery to TC terminals and urgent shipments around the world.

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