Company HistoryJSC OZNO (group of companies OZNO Holdings ltd)

As part of a complex communication system, pipelines exposed to various external and internal influences require special attention. In particular, in their manufacture, all the requirements for the quality of materials and technology must be met. High-quality pipeline shut-off valves guarantee the safety and profitability of the entire system. There are no minor details in this matter. On our website, all interested parties will find reliable pipe fittings at an affordable price. Our product catalog includes various types of shut-off valves for the oil and gas, chemical and energy industries.

Factory History


Creating a factory

The company was established in 2004. The main activity of the company was the production of affordable pipeline fittings for the oil and gas complex of domestic production. Import substitution has become our main business.

Completion of import substitution

We have completed the process of import substitution and produced cheaper and better than imported analogues and in a short time. Our products were characterized by simplicity, reliability and maintainability in the field.

Transition to new standards

The new standards introduced by the government have raised to a new level the training of specialists, quality control and technology. We started working according to the world standards of manufacturers.

Competition and foreign markets

In the face of fierce competition and a crisis situation in the industry, it has hardened and tested us for strength. The company focused on consumers in the near and far abroad. Now our customers are also companies from Europe, Asia and Africa.