Back Pressure valve

The ideal method for increasing the pressure in the pipeline can be considered the use of back pressure control valves. This valve is installed on the metering pump. This means that when the internal pressure at the metering point is lower than the total pressure at the pump inlet, the installation of a pressure valve on the pump is extremely necessary. This is due to the fact that the siphon effect is completely leveled, and the probability of its occurrence is minimized. The valves can be produced by different manufacturers, and the most popular and popular are the backpressure valves produced by JSC OZNO.

Areas of application

The back pressure valve is widely used in various areas of light and heavy industry, as well as in municipal operation. This element is most in demand and has proven itself in the chemical industry. The back pressure control and the provision of anti-siphon function is designed to improve the accuracy of various dosing systems for a variety of chemical products. In this case, the back pressure valve is simply irreplaceable. Its design has undergone many changes and is almost perfect.

As a result, the product will ensure the reliability of any equipment where it is installed, especially in heavy-duty conditions in the chemical industry.

Valve operating principle

Fluctuation of the limit pressure at the outlet can lead to negative consequences, namely the appearance of counterflow along with a decrease in the accuracy of dosing. The back pressure valve is able to create an excessive limit pressure in the pump device system by means of its diaphragm counter-pressure valves and eliminates the occurrence of counter-flow and all related problems. With the help of a spring, the diaphragm is able to press tightly against the valve seat.

At a time when the set pressure can be exceeded, the valve diaphragm rises. As a result, the liquid begins to flow directly through the valve to the discharge point itself. The overall valve calibration range averages 1-10 bar. Despite this, the element is calibrated at 3.5 bar by default. To make the calibration settings, there is a calibration screw, with which you can set the calibration range of the valve to the desired mark.

In order to prevent the outflow of liquid chemical products from the pipeline, the entire installation must be located functionally and in close proximity to the discharge point itself. All chemical system accessories, including pressure gauges, surge dampers, and other equipment, must be located between the back pressure valve and the pump.

Valve Characteristics

The back pressure valves of JSC OZNO have excellent characteristics that can ensure uninterrupted operation for a long time.

The element is made of high-quality materials and meets all safety standards for use in industry and municipal enterprises. The product has the following characteristics:

  • The product is equipped with a calibration screw to prevent unauthorized use;
  • The upper part of the valve is made of metal or plastic
  • The product has a strong body;
  • The element membrane is made of PTFE/EPDM
  • Wide selection of different materials;
  • Low cost of the product;
  • It has high reliability during operation;
  • The product has been certified ISO 9001;
  • The calibration range is 1-10 bar;
  • The product performs the function of valve;
  • As an option, valves are provided for high-pressure operation;

Materials for manufacturing

The back pressure control valve JSC OZNO series M (diaphragm) is made of high-quality and durable materials. Among them, the following materials should be noted:

  • Stainless steel made from 304 grade;
  • Stainless steel made of 316 grade;
  • PVC, PTFE, CPVC, Halar, PP, — the valve body;
  • PVDF – also used in the valve body;
  • Plastic Noryl (top);

Each part has passed a comprehensive strength test as a result of testing and is able to ensure long-term and uninterrupted operation of the valve. The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty for all its products and materials.


The dimensions of the product may vary depending on the diameter of the pipe and the dispenser pump. The manufacturer has made sure that the entire valve is easily suitable for use in almost all situations and is able to cope with any amount of pulsating and continuous pressure work. In total, the manufacturer offers the consumer seven sizes of valves with different technical characteristics. Depending on the needs of the production, the consumer has the right to choose for himself any back pressure valve including DN100; DN80; DN50; DN40; DN25; DN20 and DN15.

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